Color: COM.X

Com.X is an independent comic publisher that kicked off in London in the late nineties- I had just struck out on my own and had landed a few gigs at 2000AD when I met the guys and they offered me a full time job as in-house colorist. As you could imagine, it was the kind of stable gig one dreams about, so I jumped at the chance and we moved to London.

My first gig for Com.X was as colorist for Neil Googe's Bazooka Jules- it was my first prolonged collaboration with another artist, and myself and Neil have been good friends ever since.

CLA$$ WAR, by Rob Williams & Trevor Hairsine/Travel Foreman, was my first "straight" Superhero gig. The studio experience was one of the best- Neil, Dan Boultwood, Mike McMahon and myself, with visits from Ben Oliver, Trev and others made for a fizzing cauldron of ideas.
Thanks to Ed and Russ for the chance to play in their sandbox.

Here's a few pages from the prologue added to the collected edition:



I've included two other projects from my Com.X days: Comicana and Puncture.

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